District Sports Winchester :: Coaches


Introducing to you our Coaches at District Sports Winchester:

Tom Pugh

Head Coach and Business Manager

Favourite Football Team: Arsenal

Favourite Sport: Football, Rugby and Cricket


Beth Pugh

Head Dance Coach and Business Manager

Sister of Tom Pugh

Favourite Dance: Contemporary

Favourite song at the moment: Justin Bieber- What Do You Mean

"I joined Tom nearly a year and a half ago and I could not be more proud of District Sports Winchester. We are all such passionate coaches and we want to include everyone in our sporting schemes and this is why we now coach from 18 months old to nearly 90 years old! I absolutely love dance and I genuinely believe dance can help with self-esteem and confidence issues for any age. Not only do I specialise in Dance but I also do a lot of fitness, especially with the older generation to help with health and well-being and to also create a socialising element so that friends and support systems are made. I work with all ages, doing any sport, dance or game and I love it."



Ben Halliday

Head Coach of Infant Sports

Height: 6,5

Favourite team: Sunderland

Favourite food: Curry and my mums beans and scrambled egg

Proudest achievement: Running the Great North Run 

"After moving down to Winchester from the North East of England, I began studying Sports Coaching Science at the University of Winchester. I tend to coach children from 18 months and above in Multi-Sports as I like to teach Fundamental skills and see progression each week in the children. Fundamental skills are very important and so this is why it is important to start at an early stage so that children then are able to enjoy and take part in sport for many years after. Outside of university I also enjoy lots of sports such as football and rugby whilst also having a busy social life and going back to Newcastle when I can to see family."