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District Sports Winchester can provide a variety of sports, games and activities in an After-School Club, a Lunchtime Club or as a PPA Session. We follow curriculum guidelines and we can sit down with teachers to create the correct session plans so that the children and students are getting everything they need out of our sporting schemes such as fundamental skills, team work and decision making.

After-School Clubs:

District Sports can provide After-School Clubs and Lunch time clubs in any sport, dance, fitness or activity that you require. We provide all the leaflets, paperwork and details so that the school doesn’t have to as we want to make it as easy and stress free as possible. We bring all of our own equipment for the Sporting sessions; take the register and we make sure every child gets collected safely. All of our coaches are qualified in many sports, they are all DBS checked and they have Emergency First Aid and Safeguarding Children Qualifications. We make every session is fun, energetic and focuses on team work, fitness, health and Fundamental skills so that while learning we are having the most enjoyable time. 

 PPA Cover:

PPA sessions are very important within Schools and this is why District Sports are so proud to cover PPA Time with some fantastic sports and games. We offer any sport, dance or fitness session that you would like and we tailor everything to what the school, the curriculum and the children would like. We base our schemes on inclusion for all and therefore we make sure every child is involved and enjoying the session regardless of their ability level. We work within many schools over Hampshire delivering PPA Sessions and we do not just see it as covering an hour or two, we see it as District Sports becoming a part of the school and making an impact on the children to increase their confidence and to believe in themselves as each and every child are fantastic sport stars. 

"Growing the next generation of sports people" 

Please get in touch with Tom and Beth to talk further about what we can offer you School, our competative prices and the range of sports and games to can provide. Many thanks and we look forward to working with your School very soon!